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Definition: Denture Over Implants

Also known as implant dentures, dentures over implants are a denture that eliminates the constant issue denture wearers have with shifting or moving dentures. If your dentures do not fit precisely, or move around and shift in your mouth, it can cause swelling and soreness. Also, after they have been worn for a while, the supporting bone can erode.

Patients are long term denture wearers may find that dentures don't fit perfectly for too long. Eating may be difficult and eating certain foods may be impossible even despite getting new dentures. Dentures supported by implants solves that problem. They are stable, secure and durable, allowing the wearer to consume foods they often haven’t been able to eat in a very long time, such as biting into an apple. Often, patients who get dentures over implants wonder why they waited so long.

Denture over Implants Central London
Denture over Implants Central London

Is it for me?

Anything involving implants comes with a required amount of bone for the implants to be rooted in. In cases where the amount of bone is insufficient, a bone grafting procedure to move forward with the implants.

Implants that will eventually attach to the dentures first must be placed in the bone of your jaw. For denture support, generally four implants are required on the top and two are required on the bottom. These implants are drilled and secured into your jaw bone and must heal prior to adding the denture. Normally, "healing caps" are placed on top of the implants in order to heal, however in preparation for supporting dentures, a locator top is placed on top instead. Locator tops are the secure tops of the implants that will eventually hold the dentures. It can take up to 20 weeks for the implants to be fully integrated and healed into the jaw bone.

When the implants are integrated and healed, dentures can be fitted and secured. Your dentures will always remain in your mouth, unless you or your dentist unclips them.

Dentures over implants have the look, feel and function of real teeth. Often an uncomfortable and annoying disadvantage to dentures, is the plastic top plate. Dentures over implants don't require this top plate, which increases the comfort and "real" feeling, making your dentures feel much more like your real teeth and without all the usual drawbacks of conventional dentures. This surgery can be quite easy and only takes about an hour.

Hygiene for dentures over implants

Dentures over implants are similar any other denture and are not permanent fixtures. Maintenance and careful home care are required by the patient. With proper care and maintenance, implants should last many years, if not indefinitely.

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