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What is it?

Bonding is a mouldable plastic that is available in a wide range of natural tooth colours. Bonding is a good solution for those with teeth that have been chipped, cracked, discoloured, or decayed. The non-invasive treatment can be done in just one appointment, without the need for oral impressions.

The moulded plastic or resin is applied to the tooth to help repair or improve the colour and shape. The composite material that used will match perfectly with the shape of your natural teeth.

Not only will your tooth look great, but bonding will also help protect your tooth from further damage and will have the same feeling and smoothness as your other teeth. Overall, your teeth will be stronger and whiter.

When is bonding needed / Risks of not having it done?

Bonding is a great procedure option for a patient with a cracked, chipped, or fractured tooth. It’s also a great option for reshaping a tooth, fixing existing gaps between teeth, or as an alternative to amalgam fillings.

Aside from aesthetic appeal, bonding can help to protect a tooth’s exposed root that has been caused by gum recession.

Bonding is also a relatively inexpensive, quick, and easy dental procedure.

How is it done?

Bonding Central London
  • First, the shade of composite material that matches the surrounding teeth is carefully chosen
  • Next, adhesion is maximized by etching the surface of your existing tooth.
  • Then the bonding material is applied to the tooth and moulded and shaped for the perfect fit and appearance
  • Lastly, an ultraviolet light is used to harden the bonding material to make it strong and solid. From there, the dentist can trim and polish the tooth for the perfect shape and appearance. The whole process is usually completed in half an hour.

Combining different treatments

Since every patient has their own preferences and cosmetic goals, there are a variety of options available to create the perfect smile. In order to achieve their desired smile, bonding and veneers can be used in a combined treatment.

Bonding Central London
Bonding Central London


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