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Oral health as we age

As we age, many factors can impact our oral health such as restrictions on physical independence, medications, financial limitations, previous or current tooth loss/extraction, and limitations on personal home care.

Each person has unique requirements when it comes to dental hygiene. A number of personal factors can determine the best practices for keeping your teeth in top shape, long into our later years.

We have designed a dental hygiene program targeted at specifically seniors.The Hygiene Education Program for Seniors at Victoriapark Dental gives each patient the tools that both they and any caregivers need to prevent premature decay, periodontal issues or tooth loss. Our hygienists provide a custom approach specific to each individual that provides key knowledge, tools and encouragement to help you maintain the best oral health possible.

As we age, oral health becomes a larger area of focus, and our dentists and hygienists at Victoriapark Dental are the experts in that focus. Maintaining good dental care habits during your senior years will ensure your teeth remain in good standing.

Common issues

A variety of issues can impact our teeth and oral health as we age. Mobility restrictions, health conditions, medications, financial restrictions and ability to carry out your own home care or the assistance you receive all impact the care of your teeth.

Dry mouth often occurs in elderly patients, and is largely a result of the medications we take. Having a dry mouth takes some additional maintenance and can't be ignored, or it can have serious issues. Lack of saliva allows food particles to remain in the mouth for longer, leading to plaque and bacteria, and ultimately tooth decay. It can also be a challenge for those who wear partial or full dentures and cause comfort and fit issues, mouth sores and more.

As we age, we are also more prone to cavities on the roots of our teeth. This becomes quite serious when bacteria are able to travel through the blood stream via the roots of our teeth, as this presents the risk of infection traveling to other areas of the body. As our immune systems become increasingly vulnerable, this is a significant aspect to be aware of. Elderly patients are also at increased risk of gum irritation, disease and periodontal issues.

Any spaces where teeth have been lost are just as important to care for as your real teeth. Even if you have no teeth at all, bacteria still collects in the mouth and needs to be managed. Our dental health professionals can help you best take care of your teeth as a senior.

Customized hygiene for aging adults

Providing you with the best approach to your dental hygiene begins with a review of you. We'll talk about your current medical health and history, dental concerns, medications and health conditions as well as personal factors such as age, mobility, eating habits, home care assistance, schedules and anything that could apply to the care of your mouth.

With an awareness of your vulnerabilities, we will help you to improve care of your teeth for many years to come. Talking about periodontal disease, gingivitis, abrasions, jaw issues, grinding, clenching, tooth cracks, recession of gums and more, will help you to best care for your mouth. We will help you prevent cavities and any loss of teeth. The hygienist will discuss tools including flossers, rinses, flouride, and different tooth brushes that are best suited to your mouth, assisted care, brushing style and habits. Nutritional habits can be discussed and on-site advice is available.

Any relationships between your health conditions, age, mobility, medications and periodontal disease prevention will also help to educate you and be best informed about the care of your teeth.


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