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What is it

Gingivectomy is a procedure done to treat gum disease. Gum tissue requires removal when it loosens around teeth and pockets are created. Gum tissue is removed and loose, diseased gum tissue is reshaped around the teeth. A gingivectomy is done before damage to teeth has occured, before the teeth and bone deteriorate from bacteria and plaque collecting in the pockets. A gingivectomy prevents further gum disease and damage to teeth and supporting bone.

What is a gingivoplasty?

Gingivoplasty is a treatment to reshape the look of your gums around your teeth. Sometimes you may have areas of extra gum tissue or abnormally shaped gums covering your teeth. A gingivoplasty gently trims your gum line to appear more natural and expose the right amount of your teeth. This treatment can be done along with a gum graft, to add needed gum tissue to areas that may have recession and root exposure.

Are there risks?

As with other surgical treatments performed in the mouth, there is risk of infection within the blood stream. This is solved by the prescription of an antibiotic both before and after you have the procedure.

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