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What is it?

A root canal is a dental procedure that removes the nerve from inside the diseased tooth in order to avoid extraction.

When is it needed / Risks of not getting it done

The need for a root canal comes from a severe cavity that becomes infected by bacteria and starts causing sensitivity to the infected nerve of the tooth. If the tooth’s infection, which becomes an abscess, is not addressed it can lead to cervical, crania, or facial swelling, and potentially the eventual loss of the tooth. The infected soft tissue around the tooth will also begin to recede, along with the bone structure from the diseased root.

A fractured or cracked tooth often requires a root canal. Click here to learn more about cracked teeth and root canal treatments.

  1. The Dentist creates an access hole in the tooth to reach the nerve.
  2. The Dentist then enters the tooth's canal(s) and removes the pulp, diseased nerve tissue, and other debris.
  3. After the diseased contents have been, the root canal(s) are sanitized and then made ready for the filling material.
  4. Lastly, the various openings and chambers are filled and closed, including the canal(s) of the tooth, the pulp chamber, and the access hole.

Other Types of Root Canal Treatments

Above, we have described one of several root canal treatments. Read more about the other types of root canal treatments below:

Other Types of Root Canal Treatments

Above, we’ve described the root canal treatment. There are several other variations of the root canal treatments. Read more about them below:


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