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If a tooth is removed or lost, the body absorbs the supporting bone, causing that area of bone to become thinner. If your jaw does not have enough bone to allow for dental implants to placed, you may require a ridge expansion. Bone graft is added to this ridge in order to make it large enough.
A ridge expansion can also be called bone expansion osteotomy or alveolar ridge splitting.

When is it needed/Risks of not getting it done?

  • When a tooth is extracted, the bone that had previously anchored that tooth will be resorbed by the body over time. A ridge expansion is necessary when this bone is not high or wide enough to support a dental implant.
  • If left untreated, bone may continue to be resorbed by the body and the pocket will progressively deepen.

How is it done ?

  1. A surgeon begins by opening up the specific area of the gums to expose the ridge of jaw bone.
  2. The jaw bone is separated and bone graft material is placed into the opening.
  3. Stitches bring the gum tissue back together and sufficient amount of healing time is required to solidify the bone graft.
  4. Once the treatment is successful and the jaw bone has become thicker, it is now able to support dental implants.


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