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Holistic Dentistry is an approach that recognizes the strong correlation between your overall health and your dental health. Other terms used include Biologic or Whole-Body Dentistry and include using materials that are biocompatible and administering then most non-invasive procedures as possible. Holistic Dentistry includes A-grade dental hygiene and preventative care. We always start off with a complimentary consultation so we can start building a long-term relationship of trust and respect. Disclaimer about Holistic Dentistry.

All visitors are encouraged to take a tour with one of our patient care specialists. Our goal is a long-term partnership with patients based on trust and respect. Disclaimer about Holistic Dentistry

Digital Radiography

We only use digital radiography at Victoriapark Dental. This method is faster, and brings us the same diagnosis with much less radiation exposure in comparison to traditional analog x-rays.



Holistic Dental Association discourages the use of fluoride.

Holistic Services

Victoriapark Dental provides the following holistic services:

  • Composite restorations
  • Mercury/Safe Amalgam Removal
  • Metal free Crowns and Bridges
  • Dentures and non-metal Partial denture alternatives
  • Periodontal treatment 
  • Extractions
  • Preventative treatment that does not involve fluoride

Safe Amalgam Removal

We follow the instructions from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology for amalgam (mercury restoration) removals. Our dentists and team members will not do the treatment without masks to protect themselves from mercury vapor. Mercury has been shown to diffuse through latex, so we only use non-latex materials and nitrile gloves. We use rubber dams to isolate the teeth and minimize mercury exposure.

Our IQ Air Purifier is placed right below the face to capture mercury vapour and aerosols, and also remove dangerous bacteria and particles from the air. We administer medical grade oxygen so that mercury intake is minimized while you inhale through the nose. We use a high volume suction while removing the amalgam restoration from the tooth and also below the rubber dam. There is constant irrigation of the tooth with water during the removal process. We cut the mercury fillings in sections to minimize drilling and vapor creation. We dispose of the gloves and materials used in the part of the process as they can be contaminated with mercury.

Composite Restorations

We only use filling materials that are BPA free and are the most biocompatible to the body at this time.

No Fluoride

We do not use fluoride in any of our treatments.


Our holistic hygienist only uses paste that is not fluoridated and distilled water when cleaning your teeth. Only non-alcoholic and herbal rinses will be used.


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