Victoriapark Dental

Victoriapark Dental proudly provides customizable dentures and restorative procedures that deliver the most aesthetically pleasing and purely natural appearance possible. Additionally, Victoriapark Dental offers a variety of denture and teeth replacement related services including Snap On Smile, extractions, full and partial dentures, and implant supported dentures. Our team collaborates extensively with the lab to ensure the best possible fit and appearance for our patients. We look to provide on-going and long-term support and service to our patients so they receive the best experience possible at Victoriapark Dental. For your support, we encourage our denture patients to bring in trusted family or friends for both encouragement and approval of our service and your new look. Your close acquaintances will be able to offer a valuable and unique perspective on your new dentures and look, as they are the ones that see you on a regular basis.

Dentures can be broken down into two main types: complete dentures which are applicable to your entire arch, or partial dentures which are applicable to a section of your arch. Depending on your unique situation, our extensive team of dentists will advise either complete or partial dentures. Both complete and partial dentures offer patients a valuable and functional replacement for lost teeth. Dentures can also be fixed or removable, and with the modern dental materials used at Victoriapark Dental, your denture will look totally natural. Our team understands the potential issues that may arise and will specifically advise you of everything you need to know so your dentures can last a long time and take good care of your mouth.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are used when the patient is only missing a few teeth. They are composed of a basal acrylic piece attached to a metal skeleton with prosthetic teeth in the exact positions of where you are missing teeth. The metal skeleton has arms or “clasps” that reach outward to fit around existing teeth. The dentures as a whole work together to keep itself together during your everyday life activities.

Complete dentures

When all the teeth in an entire arch are missing complete dentures are designed to be used as a functional and aesthetically pleasing replacement. They are composed of an acrylic piece that mimics the gum tissue while the teeth are formed of acrylic or porcelain. The base of the denture is made to closely fit the shape of the arch to ensure stability of the denture during normal oral functions such as swallowing, speaking, or eating.

Denture over implants

Denture over implants is an upper or lower denture that is secured in the mouth by dental implants and has the look, feel, and function of real teeth. Click here to learn more.


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