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Need a filling?

When you have a cavity, the solution is a filling. At Victoriapark Dental, we use BPA-free, composite white resin fillings that are carefully selected to match the colour of your teeth. Modern dentistry has allowed us to combine beauty as well as strength, without the use of metal when filling teeth.

With white composite fillings, any restorations done to your teeth are close to their original strength and appearance.

For patients who would like to replace amalgam fillings with white ones, we offer this service as well.

Technology and 'perks' to ensure your comfort!

We have a realm of entertainment options for you during your visit, including Netflix or your choice of television channel, all viewable on your personal big screen TV. We also offer massagers, hot towels, aromatherapy and complimentary paraffin hand wax treatments.

We have technologies to reduce the pain of needles or we can even freeze teeth without the use of needles. Your comfort is always our main priority.

Amalgam (silver) filling replacement

We will replace amalgam fillings with safe, white composite fillings if you desire.

We also offer safe amalgam removal.

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