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Why do teeth need to be removed?

A tooth can sometimes be chipped or damaged, or have a cavity that can't be fixed with a simple filling, crown or alternative treatment. Also, occasionally teeth need to be removed in order to make room for orthodontics. In all these types of cases, the tooth or teeth must be extracted.

Most extractions are of teeth you can see inside the mouth and not those hiding under the gum line.

Surgical removal is sometimes required. This is when a tooth has not yet grown above the gums and is not exposed. If a tooth requires removal and can't be seen, it can be slightly more complicated than other extractions. With the most current dental technologies, we strive to keep you as comfortable and relaxed as possible.
We also have plenty of added 'perks' to keep you feeling as relaxed as possible and minimize any of your discomfort.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Our dentists examine changes in your x-rays and assess the alignment of your wisdom teeth. If you become concerned that your wisdom teeth are misaligned, you may come into our Victoriapark office for a check-up. Sometimes wisdom teeth extractions are recommended at younger ages, before problems arise and when complications are less likely.

What if my wisdom teeth are already visible?

If your wisdom teeth have fully exposed themselves, it is not late to have them extracted. A dentist may recommend that you have your wisdom teeth removed if they believe they may cause issues with how you bite or to other teeth. It is as easy as removing any other teeth.

How are wisdom teeth extracted?

If your wisdom teeth have not emerged from the gums, they can usually be found just under the gum and require a more complicated surgery. The dental surgeon makes a tiny incision in the gums in order to remove a small amount of the bone that is found over wisdom teeth. The tooth may be removed in smaller pieces, to minimize bone removal.

Image of misaligned wisdom teeth
Image of misaligned wisdom teeth


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