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At Victoriapark Dental we offer whitening solutions that are both at home and in-office.

Take-home Whitening

If you don’t have the time to come in for a dental visit for whitening, we still have you covered. We offer home whitening with Philips Zoom DayWhite and Philips Zoom NiteWhite to deliver whiter teeth in as quick as one to two weeks.

In-office Whitening

Victoriapark Dental is pleased to offer patients the Philips Zoom teeth whitening treatment.

This is the most up-to-date whitening system available. During one appointment (typically lasting between 45 and 90 minutes), Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed will whiten your teeth up to eight shades brighter. Philips Zoom can also tailor the strength of the treatment to your individual goals. So, if you don’t want your teeth to be extremely white, you are able to whiten a few shades less intense. The following shade guide displays the varying whiteness of teeth.

Whitening Shade Guide

Prior to Whitening

Before any whitening treatment, a comprehensive examination of your teeth can be done by one of our dentists to accurately assess your overall dental health and to determine if you are a good candidate and will benefit from whitening treatment. We can quickly and easily determine which whitening technique will work best for you.

If you have plans for other cosmetic dental procedures in the near future, like veneers, crowns, or composite bonding, the dentist may recommend whitening before those procedures in order to ensure a perfect match between any restorations and the natural colour of your teeth.

Many patients complete whitening treatments after their braces are removed from orthodontics.

To achieve the best results you should choose a whitening method that is:

  • Clinically proven to be safe and effective
  • Provides the longest lasting results
  • Provides the most naturally brilliant and uniform look
  • Uses a low concentration of active ingredient (hydrogen peroxide)
  • Administered by a dentist

According to our research, no other professional whitening system can help you achieve a bright smile, quite like the Philips Zoom Whitening System.

Whitening Before-After

Results can last for up to a year, but at Victoriapark Dental we can supply you with trays of whitening gel at the end of your regular hygiene treatments so you can continue to maintain that same level of white.

Long-term whitening can depend on various factors such as personal habits and genes. Smoking and some foods and drinks can stain your teeth and may reduce the length of time that teeth whitening will last.

The process

Your dentist may recommend you have a teeth cleaning before the procedure to prepare the teeth and to achieve the best whitening result.

Whitening starts with protection to cover your lips and gums and to expose your teeth. The whitening gel is painted onto your teeth and is activated by the special light to absorb into your teeth and break up any stains.

Whitening gel works on the teeth for 15 minutes while the light is activated. During this treatment, you can catch up on your sleep, enjoy music on a personal headset, watch Netflix or television on your personal big screen TV or even just read.

For three 15-minute intervals the whitening gel and light is applied to your teeth. The total treatment time is 45 minutes. When this treatment is complete, a sensitivity-reducing fluoride paste-gel is applied to your teeth.


Q: Is this procedure suited for everyone?

A: Anyone, even those with severe staining on their teeth, are suitable. Any patient who wants to have a whiter, more brilliant smile are able to get whitening treatments. Even young adults (ages 14 years and up) are good candidates for whitening, especially to remove any heavy staining following the removal of braces after orthodontic treatment. The Zoom whitening system does not recommends that it be done if nursing or pregnant, during orthodontic treatment, or extensive dental work, for instance, veneers, crowns or bridges. We invite you to have a free consultation with a dentist to better assess your individual circumstances.

Q: Is it safe, or painful?

A: The procedure is absolutely safe. The treatment does not damage enamel or any current fillings you have in your mouth. The main ingredient in the treatment gel is hydrogen peroxide, which for over 100 years has been safely used in teeth whitening, and is considered to be an effective whitening ingredient by the dental community. The amount of hydrogen peroxide used in Zoom’s whitening gel is only 10 per cent, which is considerably lower, compared to other whitening gels that can contain up to 35 -50 per cent.

A small percentage of customers may feel a dull "ache" following the procedure. You can take an over the counter analgesic to get rid of that feeling. We recommend that you avoid extremely hot or cold beverages for the first 24 hours if you experience any tooth sensitivity.

Q: How white will my teeth be following the treatment?

A: Zoom whitening can achieve eight shades whiter on average. Your personal results will vary as every person's starting point is different and all results are different. In all cases, the change can be dramatic. Ultimately, the goal is to whiten to your best, natural shade of white. During your dental consultation, we will analyze your teeth and determine a customized recommendation for you. According to Phillips, even the most severely stained teeth can achieve amazing results. It is important to note that more difficult cases do occasionally require slightly longer treatment than a standard 45 minute treatment.

Q: What about tooth sensitivity?

A: If you already have sensitivity, whitening may increase it slightly. Gum recession, dentin exposure, severe cavities or teeth cracks can increase the possibility of sensitivity. Remember that sensitivity is only temporary, and easily treatable when it occurs.

Q: Are there side effects of whitening?

A: Gum and tooth sensitivity are the two largest side effects. Speak with your dentist to confirm your best whitening option and to provide you with the proper concentration of whitening formula to be applied.

We can provide you with recommendations on how to reduce sensitivity after your whitening treatment. Our at-home formulas also incorporate two mild desensitizing agents (potassium nitrate and amorphous calcium phosphate) which helps to decrease the amount of sensitivity following whitening and help to make the surface of your teeth smoother and more brilliant.

Call or come in to Victoriapark Dental to learn more about whitening and speak with our Patient Care Specialists to see if you're a good candidate for whitening treatment.

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